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Residents of the IT park ride in Silicon Valley

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14 April 2012

April 13, 2012 determined the composition of participants in the 2-weeks technology internship in Silicon Valley.

Decision of the expert committee the right to an internship in the U.S. received the following residents of the IT Park and Business Incubator: TIT Group, Digital Loyalty System, 10tracks, RealSpeaker, 123 apps, Magazinga, Modern internet technology, Etton, SportFort, SpeakTo. The independent expert committee included director of technology and consulting expertise of Global TechInnovations Alexei Filimonov, CEO of International Business Accelerator TexDrive Zhurba Alexander, as well as an investment analyst at Fast Lane Ventures Andrey Kulikov.

Internship objectives:

- Development and improvement of the business model of the project;

- Strengthening the product meets the expectations of potential customers;

- Involvement of experts or mentors;

- Providing the skills and tools to develop a strategy for the project;

- Immersion in the atmosphere of the territory of the talents - Silicon Valley.

The leaders of the winning projects in Silicon Valley will hold the first half of May. During this time they will receive individual advice from experts, will visit Silicon Valley's leading universities - Stanford and Berkeley, will be a series of trainings and workshops, learn about the world's leading IT companies, and, most importantly, an opportunity to present their projects to potential investors.

In place of these young people could turn out to be you! To start, try to become a resident of IT Business Incubator Park. Applications for the selection of the next deadline is May 9, 2012.