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IT Park in Naberezhnye Chelny looking for talent and invites residents

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10 April 2012

This was discussed at a meeting of the "round table" in our Chamber of Commerce and during his meeting with the students of the Faculty of Automation and advanced technologies Kama State Academy of Engineering and Economics.

    In the first case to talk about projects in the Motor City on the Kama River project to develop IT-park in the conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce invited entrepreneurs from the local IT-structures. In the second case to speak to the future young professionals (especially graduates of the Faculty of the above) revealed INEC perspectives waiting for them in the IT-park.

     With the support of the state

    Considering that the decision to establish a budget site in Naberezhnye Chelny was made in the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan last year, after which they received grants for the program "Creation of technoparks in the Russian Federation in the sphere of high technologies." According to the words of the Minister Nikolay Nikiforov, this move will spur development in the Trans-Kama intellectual entrepreneurship.

    - The decision in question took place after studying the situation in the corresponding segment of the market - curator of the project, the director of the municipal Chelny autonomous institution "Center for Information Technology" Michael Boboshko introduced in the Chamber of Commerce audience of entrepreneurs in business   - Then we came to the conclusion that this market has quite a lot of players - both long-serving, and beginners, but promising.

     How is the construction of IT-park? Now contractors are preparing to give in the block A, where 53 companies will be placed in 24,000 square meters, 1600 jobs created. It is planned that the IT-park will become a universal platform for the provision of services to enterprises and organizations of the Kama economic region. Including such as JSC "KAMAZ", "Nizhnekamskneftekhim", "Sollers" and "TANECO."

    - IT-Park - is not just a building, which will be leased - said Radmir Belyaev, deputy head of Economic development and Business support of the Board of the city. - It will gather all the entire intellectual potential of the city. Programmers will be able to communicate with each other, to realize large projects together, to enjoy government support. Now we are discussing the possibility of providing residents of business incubators and technology parks with repayable grants - all this indicates a serious approach to the business of government.

    And how, asked "pros", will be selected for the residents of this park? It is expected that, on a competitive basis. In other words, employers will have to prove the commission of experts that their ideas are viable and competitive. At present there is a collection of application forms and requests from those who want to stay here. This information is passed to the Ministry of Communications Republic of Tatarstan, where, after processing it will identify the criteria and priorities.

     The soil for thought

    Despite the seemingly obvious advantages of moving to the IT-Park, assembled in the hall of entrepreneurs in no hurry to make a decision. They wanted to know more detail - what benefits they can count for a lot is expected to rent? "Would not that the" pros "seeding to you, do not get the cheapest rent in town and a large number of procedures that he would have to undergo?" - Sounded a question from the audience.

    - Accommodation under the wing of the state will allow the specialist to obtain financial and logistical support - said Radmir Belyaev. – Consider yourself: the investor will be interested in the company, which gained the support of government, rather than one that operates in isolation, at your own risk? I am sure, IT-Park will be the place where the state will send a reseller.

     This park has Chelny brand

    Scope of IT technologies - this is perhaps a little of what we are not far behind the West. Our programmers are respected abroad, they are competitive and in demand.  Software Development "at the top", and "field" is given much more importance. Crucial for Naberezhnye Chelny step in this regard will be scheduled for August 30, 2012 - opening of the information technology park in Naberezhnye Chelny

The arrival of the delegation from Kazan, which, in addition to a representative of the Kazan park includes also the most successful of its residents, marked a serious problem - an acute shortage of qualified specialists for new IT projects both in Kazan and the republic as a whole. At the same time at the federal level are carried out unprecedented measures for business development in the field of information technology: two years ago opened the doors of IT park in Kazan, and implemented an ambitious project called "Innopolis" attracted resources in the young "authentic" company. But first things first ... more

     New opportunities ...

    - In early March, on our initiative, the capital of Tatarstan visited the head of the largest investment funds, which at one time funded projects such as Skype and Facebook - shared Ramil Ibragimov. - Total managed portfolio of assets - about $ 20 billion and the money they are willing to invest in talented, promising the development of Tatarstan's IT companies. - Your task is to prove the viability of their ideas.

    Excellent motivation for future programmers who filled the hall of INEC to the eyeballs, can become not only an opportunity to realize their ideas, they can earn good money on this. The average age of residents of Kazan IT Park - 24 years. And this student yesterday, and now - the software developer gets mediocre reward of up to 50,000 rubles a month. If we are talking about highly trained specialists, in his pocket is not less than 100 thousand rubles.

    Now working in Kazan Park 64 companies, many of them focused on the global market. The total number of employees - 1.5 thousand people. We already know that Chelny industrial park area will also be spacious - one a business incubator at the 3rd and 4th floors of the nine-storey block of "A", designed for 240 jobs, will be able to accommodate just 40 startups. Will be here and parking for 1000 cars - an ambitious statement of the amount of income starting business. However, in no Chelny DATA-center and hotels in Kazan, however, both sites will be connected by reliable channels of communication, so that residents can use Chelny Kazan infrastructure on an equal footing with metropolitan teams.

    - Objectively active "IT people" in Naberezhnye Chelny yet far less than in the same Kazan, so we are morally and financially prepared for the fact that the move to implement the project will not be easy - do not hide Ramil. - Consider the option, in addition to comfort residents of Business Incubator will be able to apply for grants.

    More - more. As you know, Upper Uslon is increasingly being prepared to implement the project "Innopolis" to some extent equivalent Skolkovo Moscow. Science City project, which is to bring together talented representatives of information technology across the country, developed a Singaporean company «RSP Architect». For its implementation, in addition to solving organizational and financial issues should be 20 000 high-quality IT professionals. The shortage of staff rose sharply, not only because it will have to settle Innopolis best "minds" of the Republic and the country, but also because of a lack of specialists in the existing enterprises in the same IT park.

    The cause for which must be taken immediately

    - We have  the task of increasing the share of information technology in the GRP of RT from 3.6% to 10.7% percent in the long run during the next 5-7 years - explained Ramil Ibragimov - Of course, this long-term perspective, but should begin to act now. Large Kazan company reached an impasse: the development is rapid, new ideas and projects but not enough workers. Plus, the universities are not those who need them. From six months to two years spent on it to make a graduate of the specialist. That is why we created the CFI based its project entitled "Graduate School of Information Technologies and Systems." 100% but practice oriented training with internships in the resident companies of the IT park at once with one of the first year. Training - Pay: almost 75 thousand rubles a year, with the best IT Park admission gives grants to fully cover the cost of education. At the moment, just a series of IT Park residents are also willing to give out grants under the condition subsequent mandatory mining grantees as part of the resident companies for several years.

    According to the present at the meeting the rector Vladimir Shibakova INEC, to solve the shortage of specialists and their training, they will work together with the Kazan Tatars, given the demands of the market.

    - Together with the management of IT-park, we will try to build a system that will allow our students the most of their abilities - he promised. - For the Academy was an important turning point in development.

    At the end of the meeting Ramil Ibragimov just encouraged those present to open their own business as quickly as possible. To give promising businesses the necessary knowledge, offered to open summer school in the Motor City on the Kama, where young people can learn the basics of programming and creating your own business in IT.