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IT Park started the All-Russia final of the "IT Planet" Olympic Games

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5 April 2012

Today, on April, 5th, IT Park started the All-Russia final of the V International Olympic Games in the sphere of information technology for students of establishments of the higher and average vocational training «IT-Planet 2011/12». The Overall objective of this activity in IT Park is attraction in the Republic of Tatarstan all the best students-programmers studying IT and planning to connect the future trade with IT.

Nikolaj Nikiforov – the minister of IT and communication of RT, Dinar Nasyrov, the director of IT Park , the chairman of organizing committee of the international student's Olympic Games «IT-Planet» Sergey Shalashnyj, the IT Park companies-residents «ICL-КПО ВС», «the LEOPARD груп» have taken part in the event, and also more than 100 students-programmers who within the limits of the regional stages of «IT-Planet» have shown the best results.

Nikolay Nikiforov opened the Olympic Games «IT-Planet» with a salutatory word. On the example of the companies-residents of the IT Park which collective profit makes already about $100 million, the minister advised the students to take a reference point on creation of their own business in the field of IT. Also the minister informed on being ready to employ 90 % of present participants of the Olympic Games rightaway: «The demand for IT Specialities always exceeds the offer», - he informed.

The director of IT Park Dinar Nasyrov has in turn greeted the future IT Experts, wished them good luck, and also invited the first technopark in sphere of high technologies in Russia.

Today within the limits of carrying out of the competitive program participants IT-Олимпиады have solved competitive tasks on 10 sections: «Programming 1C:Enterprise 8», «Using 1C:Accounts 8», «Administration Windows Server 2008 R2», «Programming Oracle», «Programming Oracle Java», etc. which developed for them specially leading world and Russian IT companies (Intel, Oracle, 1C, Adobe Systems, Microsoft, IBM, ЦФТ, Cisco, D-Link, etc.)

Tomorrow, on April, 6th, organizers will analyse competitive works and the winners are defined. 

Students-winners of the All-Russia ending will represent Russia on the International Ending IT-Олимпиады in May, 2012 in Kazakhstan where they should battle to programmers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarusii and Uzbekistan.