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The IT park supports the Kazan community of program testers

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18 March 2012

Kazan community of testers have been existing for over a year. On December, 16th, 2010 participants gathered for the first time to get acquainted and to become the Community!You may read it all on a community Blog.

Before Community creation nobody knew Kazan testers.
And here, having lived as a Community for a year, it is possible to say that the situation has greatly improved. There is a place in a city where every tester can come and tell about the problems, to get advise or support, a place where he can share experience and objectives. The Community has a constant venue of meetings in the heart of Kazan - it's IT Park. "Support from IT Park administration very much inspires..." - the guys say.
The community had given conference SQA Days which, by objective estimations, became one of the best among a brand "SQA Days". Here is the link for the feedbacks. Organizers and participants of Community also took part in Startups gatherings  where it became clear that testing is interesting not only for the testers.
Meetings have a regular basis and what's the most important thing, new participants have the initiative to do reports at meetings. Now there are a lot of young but very promising testers who are eager for knowledge and professional growth.
During the current year the participants are planning to hold additional thematic meetings - on  testing automatization and on safety testing.They are also interested in involving new people responsible for one of the department.
 It is possible to address to leaders of community for all the questions.