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"The work is getting better": a plot about "Alphamed", the resident of the IT- Park Business incubator

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15 March 2012

The Tatarstans made a healing procedure for feldsher-obstetric points. The group of developers automated a workplace of medical employees in villages. "Alpha honey"is now launching in Aktanyshsky region as a pilot project. The idea was supported by the Republican Ministry of Health.

Information technology seems to have saved the doctors from tiring paperwork.
The visitor gets to the electronic base of patients with a single click. It's a miracle for medicine – after the decades that a medical assistant Galija Badertdinova filled in documents by hand. After that she used to report in CRH where the case was copied to a medical card.
Galija Badertdinova, the medical assistant of feldsher-obstetric point.
- Every month we used to go to CRH, the patients were always complaining.
The routine is getting better now. Frequent distant trips to regional hospital have gone to the past. All data – the complaints of the patient, the carried out procedures –go to a desktop of the general practitioner via Internet.
Miljausha Hazieva, general practitioner of «Aktanyshsky Central Hospital»
- We see who comes and what the anamnesis is.
Not a by-effect –  "Alphamed" allows supervising wards. The information on  medics daily working routine is accessible to the head physician. An electronic queue is also working. The medical assistant can arrange an appointment distantly.
Marat Harisov, the author of the project
- We want to introduce a video conferencing so that the medical assistant could conduct Internet consultation.
The know how performance in Aktanyshsky area is supervised in the business incubator of the IT park. Marat Harisov and Ilnar Fattahov have submitted documents to receive a patent.
Ilnar Fattahov, the author of the project
- We plan to go multiple in the Republic.
The project has no downsides, on the contrary, the positive dynamics is observed. Alphamed has plans to connect to the Cellular Providers . The users may receive sms with a reminder, for example, about the necessity to inoculate or pass photoroentgenography.