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Dinar Nasyrov: "It is time to cultivate new young leaders"

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7 March 2012

Despite all reforms, the environment  where the young generation would want to  work on their own projects isn't created yet.

There are not enough leaders among our youngsters. And it means — few initiative people capable of changing the world round itself. Those who not just blindly choose a walked path but those who see what changes are necessary today and who  are ready to make them.

After all the youth - that category of people that should constantly want changes, they should be glowing with new ideas and dreams. But what we get at the moment: young men in majority don't want to create something new, even if this possibility lies in front of them. Today everybody wants prestigious job and big salaries. When we did an internal sociological questionnaire among students, we received such a figure: more than 80 % of students are focused on work in the large companies or work for the state. Not on setting up a business, not on becoming heads of the projects. It is a passive approach: there is an existing mechanism and I want to become just a small piece of it.

The saddest thing is that even if their plan would work, their dream would come true and they find themselves in the large company on a good position, they won’t  create anything  interesting at their position. Unfortunately, very often employees choose a role of the functionary: they operate exclusively within the limits of regulations, within the limits of routine work. And we have this problem not only in Russia.

A high demand for leadership trainings for business communities comes from here. And after all everything  is simple: the leader is someone who can state the objectives and then reach them. If they have an objective to reach — they can manage people and state the upcoming problems to solve. But we seem to obviously lack people like that. Why? Because leadership qualities are developed in each of us in childhood. Not even at universities where the profession is applied.

Motivation, I consider, is a permanent work with yourself when you are engaged in a certain goal-setting and time management for achieving these purposes. They don’t teach it at schools but they would better start doing it.

Look at the current school students, there are so few interested in creating their own project. It means we do something wrong  at an early stage of a child formation and education. We need a favorable business environment to bring up a new generation of leaders, a business ecosystem is necessary.

Initiatives should be supported. To teach people creating the new since the childhood, to be willing to create it. The moment you miss — and this is it, it is difficult to alter the personality.

Active people are essential to the market, to our developing economy. The Investors that come to the IT park, often complain to a problem — finding ambitious interesting projects with a team to believe in that is able of "shooting". They say they are ready to invest, but it is not as much about the idea as it is about the people, the team.

It is important to show the children that they can reach their ambitions if they want it. In this reference we have a joint project «Achievements of the young». It is directed on development of children’s and students’ leadership  skills : it stimulates independent creation and receiving results of the activity.

Besides, there should be a possibility to realize the ideas for those who don't have possibilities. The good sheaf between high schools and potential branch employers is important. It is necessary that the students get practical education by means of analysts of the branch, certain major specialized courses which will help them to start working once they have graduated. Currently we don’t have a full circle education element for issuing competent  specialists. But it’s a topic for a separate column.