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6 March 2012

To improve your pronunciation– without a tutor. The teachers are being replaced by “ foreign words pronunciation trainer”. A new service was carried out by Kazan researchers. The invention was even successful enough to receive Skolkovo residentship.A piece about IT-Park resident, TIT-Group.

One may envy the patience of that teacher. The trainer works on your pronunciation word by word and as a scrupulous teacher makes you repeat.

Trainer’s vocabulary- 20 thousand word read by the native speakers. We have a teacher with an American accent as a result but according to the statistics the American English is the one used most. You may also exercise the sentences pronunciation here and there’s no way to cheat the intelligent machine.

The program has been developed for 3 years. Now the authors have big plans – they are intended to produce an e- polyglot that would speak 20 languages.

The service is available at e-education website of Tatarstan and the school students are the ones who can use it but the plan is to make it available for everyone.