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High Technology Technopark IT-park


The Republic of Tatarstan completed the construction of IT-park, high -technology technopark, in October 2009. In the Russian Federation IT-park has become the first technopark to propel and develop IT entrepreneurships. The network of IT-park was built within the State program “High Technology Technoparks Creation in the RF” implemented by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.

The major goal of high-technology technopark creation is the ambitious development of IT industry as a part of Russian economics trough adopting intellectual and financial resources.

The IT-park network is designed as a smart building with an up-to-date technical infrastructure. It shows the unique business platform for the ICT development in the Republic of Tatarstan.

IT-park is located in the business center of Kazan. Modern interior design as well as the wide range of telecommunications and services provides efficient work and growth of the technopark. The IT-park network secures both start-up and advancing IT entrepreneurships with all favorable conditions for their business. Resident companies have access to all essential resources for effective action during the period of devising, shaping and presenting a new product to the market. They include cutting-edge technologies, services and equipment as well as research and assets base.



The IT-park network includes a 5-floor Business center building with open-space offices and two neighboring 2-floor buildings of Business hotel.

The infrastructure for resident entrepreneurships:

  • open-space offices with total capacity about 10 thousand sq. m on the 2-4 floors of the Business center;
  • Business incubator with 120 working places;
  • conference hall with 250 seats;
  • press center with 80 seats;
  • 4 meeting rooms from 25 to 40 sq. m;
  • bank brunch;
  • post office;
  • coffee bar;
  • café with 90 seats;
  • canteen with 120 seats;
  • call center;
  • ground and underground parking;
  • business hotel with 54 rooms.

The total square of premises is 30 000 sq. m (including two 2-floor buildings of Business hotel). According to information on July, 1, 2011 there are 31 residents in IT-park, among them 26 IT companies and 5 service ones.

The IT-park residents’ major is home software solutions such as “e-government” and ‘state e-services”.