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The second site of Kazan IT-Park in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny

In the year 2011 a decision was made to construct a second site of Kazan IT-Park in the city of Nabereznye Chelny. This is a realization of the Complex program “Launching techno parks in the sphere of high technology”.

The technopark is located at Mashinostroitelnaya st, 91 (ex data center of JSC «KAMAZ»), area size- 7,63 hectars, a 10 minutes’ drive from the branch of Kazan Federal University, that is a positive factor allowing a closer reference of the students and IT residents.

It-Park will include: Innovations Center, Developments Center and Business Center. By the year 2015 more than 9 sq m. of the Innovations center will have been given to the Business Incubator activity. Its main task will be supporting small innovative companies at the start stage of its development, that is providing services on preferential terms: rooms, equipment, work places, consulting and informational support – it will give grounds for creating and developing numerous IT companies in the Republic of Tatarstan.

By the end of the year 2012 Business center and Developments center will have been accomplished, general area size - 23 389,8 sq. m.

This platform will give a substantial growth in the second biggest city in the Republic. It will become a universal platform for providing services for companies and organizations of Kama  Economic Region with adjoined Special Economic Zone «Alabuga», JSC «Kamaz», JSC «Sollers», JSC «Taneko», JSC «Ammonii» etc. These companies provide sustainable demand for up to date informational technology. The second platform of Kazan IT-Park is made to satisfy their needs and to help in overcoming a dependency of the national companies from foreign commercial software tools, stimulate the development of the Russian informational technologies in the area of machinery manufacturing, oil chemistry and other branches, to supply the companies and factories with new generation technologies, strengthen informational security of the companies and speed up time frames for new products development and release to the market.

Existing surrounding Universities contribute positively to the high skilled IT specialists upcoming.